When is the right time to get massage

The year is 2020, many have concerns about leaving the house and keeping physical distance. The question – “Is Massage Safe?”

We would by lying if we said that massage was 100% safe right now. Any time you walk out of your house you are putting yourself at risk for one thing or another, you could get hit by a bus, get rear ended, etc. The key is to do things that make leaving your house safe, we look both ways before crossing the street, drive by certain rules of the road. This will not prevent all accidents but will keep us relatively safer and less prone to worry.

At Simple Wellness Massage we are following all of the recommended guidelines put forth by our national associations and local health department. Currently this means everyone in our office is required to wear a face covering. We are also sanitizing machines, everything get dowsed with our hospital grade sanitizer after every customer. It’s not that we weren’t cleaning before, it’s just now we are cleaning all of the surfaces that are touched frequently more often. We do our best to limit any waiting time so that you spend most if not all of your interaction time with just your massage therapist and not around other patrons. Although we cannot massage from 6 feet away, our office is does not see a high volume of people per day and we feel that this helps balance out the risks.

If you have any questions or concerns about the sanitization of the table or anything about your massage please voice your concerns to your therapist before your massage and we will do our best to make things as safe as possible.

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