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Vision & Mission

Our Core Values

Team Work

Dedication to Improvement


Providing Exemplary Customer Experience

We Hold Each Other to a Higher Standard

Simple Wellness Massage Mission Statement:

Our staff provides a professional massage experience where customers learn how massage can benefit their wellness journey. We are dedicated to providing an environment where our team can lead and grow in the massage profession.

Simple Wellness Massage Vision Statement:

Simple Wellness Massage Vision Statement:

  • Our vision is to set the standard for how massage is experienced for customers. Our team holds each other to a higher standard of practice and professionalism.
  • Continue to grow the company
  • We set the standard for the massage experience
  • To be the place consumers choose for massage
  • To Employ Skilled and passionate LMT’s willing to invest in their education themselves and grow
  • To be known as the place to be referred to for massage in Lincoln by other healthcare professionals
  • Having a clear picture of policies and protocols for all staff to follow
  • Expecting staff to follow policies and procedures and allowing staff to voice concerns openly with management
  • Creating a happy environment for all to thrive in

History of Simple Wellness Massage:

Simple Wellness Massage opened in 2016 by Tonia Hunter and Ben Stone. The idea was to create a multi-therapist office filled with specialists in multiple modalities. As Simple Wellness has evolved we now are a multi-therapist office filled with a team of passionate therapists who specialize in “hands-on” massage work. We look for people who are interested in working with a team, because we feel that if you want to get somewhere fast you go alone, but if you want to go far, you get there with a team. Studies have shown that a multi-therapist office set up delivers better results for clients due to the ability to learn from others more easily.

What it's like working at Simple Wellness Massage:

At SWM we are about making sure the customer receives the therapeutic work they are looking for and removing all uncertainty around that process. We are a very team based office and like to have fun. We hold each other accountable for being the best therapists possible and treat each other with kindness and pick each other up when needed. When each player is doing well the team wins.