As February unleashes on us and many of you are scrambling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones, I would like you to take a second to think about something, maybe ask yourself;
Why is it that we only think of certain gifts during specific holiday seasons?

Let’s take massage for instance…we see a higher influx in gift certificates and massage around Valentine’s Day, mothers day and Christmas. Massage has positive research showing that benefits for massage on stress and pain management. Receiving massage on a regular basis, shows higher positive benefits and ongoing benefits.

Why do we only think of massage during certain holidays. Don’t we love these people that we are buying for every month of the year? We care for their health and well-being every month of the year, don’t we want to see them happy and less stressed throughout the year, not just certain months of the year?

As all of you purchase gift certificates from Simple Wellness Massage for Valentine’s Day, I would encourage you to look further into the year and recognize that your loved one would benefit having a massage once a month to relax and purely think of themselves for just a moment in time.

I would encourage multiple massages being purchased letting your loved one know that you as the purchaser want to see your loved one taking care of themselves for the other eleven months of the year!

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